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Re: (FC-Devel) Welcome volunteers! Now what? and some Q for Sami.


>   Aside: some specific questions for Sami. 
>      1. Sami, when you use the term "CORE" do you
>      mean Common Object Repository Environment as in 
> http://www.coreworks.com/ormsC/common_object_repository_environ.htm
> ?

Might be.  I cant tell.  Far too way out for me.  Here's a quote:

"An important point to stress again is that the Mental partitioning of the
Undifferentiated Reality into a Differentiated Reality
composed of Fact–Thing Dipoles is a purely Mental Conceptualization
composed by Us in the form of Our Combined World."

Yeh.  Right.  If it is (it does mention OMG and MOF) then it's _deep_
background!  My understanding of Core relates to one of the IDL modules that
comprises the UML CORBA definition.  See the OMG site for the doc "OA&D
CORBAfacility Interface Definition" (97-08-09.pdf).

>      2. Could you spend a few words on "reflective" ?

The Reflective module of the UML definition relates to the model used to
describe UML itself.  UML is a meta-model, the reflective module is part of the
meta-meta-model.  The reflective module is also part of the Meta Object Facility
and described in "Meta Object Facility (MOF) Specification" (97-08-14.pdf).

>      3. Would you please add a README to the .idl files with some
>      notes on: where did you get the info, what is the status and
>      the intended use of the files?

The IDL is directly from the OA&D doc, althougth I think Sami has broken it up
into more easily digestable pieces.

Chris Moore