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(FC-Devel) Welcome volunteers! Now what? and some Q for Sami.

Welcome Arup, hi all,

"Arup A. Bhanja" wrote:

> My name is Arup Bhanja and I am from Calcutta, India. I was initiated to
> this forum by Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com as we were discussing
> on python as a scripting tool. I am looking to volunteer and learn from all
> of you in the Object Oriented Applications region. I have not had any
> practical experience in the region, but I have had general programming
> experience in COBOL and databases like FoxPro and have designed entire
> systems and implemented them. In addition I have recently started coding
> scripts in Python and Perl and will be implementing them for a client in US
> very shortly.
> I welcome comments/suggestions as to what should be my next step.

One thing we did not set up yet is: 
"Guidance for people who want to help."
other lists we don't have is:
"What is needed right now." and a 

Because you are new to the project, you'll have allmost
every sensible question unanswered. If you would be willing
to write a FAQ, I'm sure every person who is on the project
somewhat longer will be happy to answer any question you
might have. So my suggestion is: start to write a FAQ and
ask ahead!

Just to give you a start:
The status of FreeCASE is IMHO: We have a mailinglist,
a public website, a lot of ambition, a definite goal 
(look at the requirements pages) and 
some teeny bits of specs and code posted to the list 
(no source management yet).
A lot of slang/argot is used on the list, 
I hope http://www.xs4all.nl/~dannij/FreeCASE/glossary.html
will help people into the know as quickly as possible.

BTW I'm working on updating the Glossary so comments are
even more welcome than at other times. 

  Aside: some specific questions for Sami. 
     1. Sami, when you use the term "CORE" do you
     mean Common Object Repository Environment as in 
     2. Could you spend a few words on "reflective" ?
     3. Would you please add a README to the .idl files with some
     notes on: where did you get the info, what is the status and
     the intended use of the files?
The goals need a lot of refinement. We are trying
several ways to achieve that. Suggestions are welcome.
You could start "storytelling" anyway.

If my suggestions don't suit you, just say so, I'll be happy
to help you work out something else. I think there are a lot
of people like you who want to help but just don't know where
to start. So by helping yourself finding a way to start
(and write about that), you are helping others.

Arup: Good luck, and lots of fun,