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Re : Re: Re : Re: (FC-Devel) Welcome volunteers! Now what? and some Q for Sami.

>> * keep this single huge IDL file.
>Easy if we use egcs (I think!).
>The Java 2 ORB is very basic from what (little) I've seen.  There are other
>ORBs about, although I have no idea where!  Maybe a little too bleeding 
edge at
>the moment?

Yes, the best solution seems to keep a single file for each idl module. I'll
 set up some basic client and server classes. Now, I need more swap space on
 my linux to compile UmlCore.o (64Mb RAM + 64 Mb swap is noot enough)...

Zoran has added many pages on the site that deal with Kagibi.

If I have no objection, I will add the charity goal in the LicensePage.

Have a nice evening/day/morning (depending on your location : FreeCase is 
alive 24 hours / day ;-) !

Sami Ben Grine
FreeCase Project Coordinator