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(FC-Devel) Meta-Case tools and mutual interests

I've been reading your pages and it appears to me that some of the work
we've been doing and the FreeCase project have mutual interests. Or at least
enough to open a conversation.

We've been working on a meta-CASE tool for several years now, the goal of
which is to allow users to quickly implement a CASE tool that is customized
to their domain. One of our primary design goals was to allow users to build
their own CASE tools, which is what it appears you want to do.

The tool is called DoME (the domain modeling environment), and we just
released it under a GNU General public license (so don't worry, I'm not
trying to sell you anything). We often describe it as a meta-CASE toolkit,
and includes a graphical editor, back-end code generator, and various levels
of prototying capabilities. 

Browsing the FreeCase pages, it struck me that DoME might be useful to you
as a prototyping environment.  It actually has a fragment of uml already
implemented, which would be easy to extend for your purposes.

I can even take a step further, and see DoME as an implementation platform
for FreeCase.  It has a lot of the infrastruture you'd need and  though it
lacks an ORB for team based development, that could be added with only
moderate effort.  It is also mutli-platform.  On the other hand, it is based
on Smalltalk, rather than C++, and until your requirements are clarified,
implementation suggestions are probably inappropriate.

Anyway, take a look if any of this is of interest.


Tom Edman