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RE: (FC-Devel) Meta-Case tools and mutual interests


I am impressed with the ambition of your project, but I'm afraid that it is
beyond the scope of our interests or abilities.  We appreciate, of course,
the need for a comprehensive integrated development environment, and have
even made several attempts to get our arms around the problem.  However, we
have decided to focus on the specific problem of semantic modeling and
model-based development, rather than process per se.

I'll check my files and see if there is anything from our earlier work that
might be of use to you.  Our work is not unique, however, and there is a
fair amount of material already in the literature that talks about
integrated software process/product management environments, at least
philosophically and in broad operational terms.  ProSLCSE was one attempt at
such an environment, though it actually implemented only the process side.
It was too expensive and people weren't ready for it (the success of SEI's
CMM may have lowered this latter hurdle). As another example, the DARPA EDCS
program has a whole set of contractors looking at collaborative development
environments as well; you might check out the SEI pages describing this work


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Edman, Tom R (MN65) wrote:

> Browsing the FreeCase pages, it struck me that DoME might be useful to you
> as a prototyping environment.  It actually has a fragment of uml already
> implemented, which would be easy to extend for your purposes.

Dear Tom !

Me and my friends are working on FreeCase operational concept documents
would describe the phylosophy of FreeCase. I can't say that it would be 
the point of view of FreeCase Devel Peoples, but the main point is that 
we should'nt stuck on writing yet another modelling tools, we have yours and
other. As for me we had to concentrate on developing an environment for
development, something that would integrate all issues of software
it should include all aspects of project management, analysis, design,
quality assurance etc. The environment which allow peoples to create their
development process and ease the communication and other problems.

But while working on it we had seen a lot of problem that should be
discussed in 
that documents. And what would you say if we'll ask you some questions
analysis/design tool place on sofware development, in which way it should 
communicate to other subsystems (modules).

I thougth that it would be enought to develop an common framework for such
(it would be just another realization of workflow systems), find different 
modules (like planning modules, coding modules etc.) formalize interfaces
and that
could take any modules they like to develop.

What do you think on that issues ? Would it be interesting for you to
participate at
kind of work ?

Sincerely, Alexander

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