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RE: (FC-Devel) Meta-Case tools and mutual interests

On 17 Feb, Edman, Tom R (MN65) wrote:
> Alexander,
> I am impressed with the ambition of your project, but I'm afraid that it is
> beyond the scope of our interests or abilities.  We appreciate, of course,
> the need for a comprehensive integrated development environment, and have
> even made several attempts to get our arms around the problem.  However, we
> have decided to focus on the specific problem of semantic modeling and
> model-based development, rather than process per se.

I think that Alexander overstates the case here. Personally I think
that if we try and produce the kind of vast system that he is thinking
about we are doomed to failure. (I know, I've said this repeatedly in
the past, but I'm not going to stop saying it!). 	 see absolutely
no hope of us producing anything useful if we set our sites so far off
that we the result is over the horizon. Let's navigate with what we can
see clearly and get there by stages - sure we need some cosmologists
thinking about what's a long way off but we also need far more people
just to help map out what's close to us and reachable. You have to
climb the foothills to get to the top and we aren't even at base camp

Your devil's advocate