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Re: (FC-Devel) Meta-Case tools and mutual interests

Lindsay.Marshall@newcastle.ac.uk wrote:

> I think that Alexander overstates the case here. Personally I think
> that if we try and produce the kind of vast system that he is thinking
> about we are doomed to failure. 

So you think that we are unable to create a framework (not all part of that
framework) of software development environment ? I'm not going to produce
all features right now -- just to give a way to expand/integrate different

> see absolutely
> no hope of us producing anything useful if we set our sites so far off
> that we the result is over the horizon. 

Ok. So we we should develop yet another case tool ? Is there nothing
similar here ? 

> Let's navigate with what we can
> see clearly and get there by stages - sure we need some cosmologists
> thinking about what's a long way off but we also need far more people
> just to help map out what's close to us and reachable. 

OSF has a lot of thing already done -- drawing tools, object/etc databases,
wordprocessors etc. Why not to use those work and create an system of interfaces
between different and pre-exisiting modules just to make a consistent software
development environment ? 

SY, Alex
Alexander V.Didytch, Kyiv, Ukraine    ICQ 21528397
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