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(FC-Devel) Development Environment (was: something else)

Hi Alexander, hi all,

"Alexander V.Didytch" wrote:
(about a framework for a software development environment)
> I'm not going to produce all features right now -- just to give a 
> way to expand/integrate different modules.

That in itself is a major project, which I have seen attempted, 
failing and attempted again. Somehow it seems like a worthwhile 
goal, but it repeatedly appeared to be tougher than expected.
However, you suggest that you see a way to do it. 
Now this might be along a road allready tried, 
or it might be a fresh and even workable way. 
So please be more specific.

Meanwhile, in order to produce FreeCASE, we will have to
create an environment for ourselves, like any other netbased
development effort. In a sense KagiBi.pl (BTW Zoran, are we 
going to see the source?) and LMonHarc are the shared part 
of that environment.

> Ok. So we we should develop yet another case tool ? 
If that is what you read from the requirements, yes.

> Is there nothing similar here ?
I don't know of any CASE-tool meeting the FreeCASE requirements.

> OSF has a lot of thing already done -- drawing tools, object/etc databases,
> wordprocessors etc. Why not to use those work and create an system of interfaces
> between different and pre-exisiting modules just to make a consistent software
> development environment ?

You know them. Would you please help the project by pointing out
which ones are/might be helpful to us?