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Re: (FC-Devel) Code Generation

Hi Dean, Lindsay, Chen, all,

Ofek Chen wrote:
> Lindsay F. Marshall wrote:
> > I've also started doing one (a code generator...)
> I have also, independently, have started to work on a code generator.
> I think that code generation,reverse engineering of code and automatic
> design analysis should all be viewed as one module.
> I also think that this module deserves a project of itself.

How are you doing?

Please don't make it too good. Perfectionism can be a 
sin at times. It takes a lot of courage to publish 
source with a lot of flaws, but I really think that
is exactly what the FreeCASE effort needs right now.

Worse is better and all that... the way to get going now is 
publish early and publish often. 

Furthermore I would really like to get some feedback on
the FreeCASE-0.0.0 specs so I/we can freeze them on the
FreeCASE site. 

Have fun all,