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Re: (FC-Devel) Code Generation

> How are you doing?

Well, I have done very little since the last time because of other
(real) work I have to do... I got a new version of the XML Parser that
fixed several problems and have rewritten the code so that it parses
the uxf stuff and stores an internal representation - previously it
just generated code on the fly. I will now write some stuff thta takes
the internal rep and produces code.

The code will of course simply be header specs and function dummies -
UML really doesn't let you go any further than that. (In fact sometimes
it doesn;t even let you get that far - depends on how you use it.
> Please don't make it too good. Perfectionism can be a 
> sin at times. It takes a lot of courage to publish 
> source with a lot of flaws, but I really think that
> is exactly what the FreeCASE effort needs right now.

My code have flaws in it? ha ! :-)

Of course if we had a case tool to help us do all this....