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(FC-Devel) FAQ

Hi all,

I have developed a FAQ for consideration of the members. Please go though it
and let me know your thoughts, views and inputs.

FAQ [User viewpoint]

1. What is FreeCASE
2. Why is it Free?
3. What are the advantages of using FreeCASE for a corporate user?
4. Is it open in nature, i.e. can I plug-in a standard SQL database to it?
5. What standard applications can it support (like mail protocols, opening
of URLs, uploading files through ftp gateways, etc.)?
6. Can I incorporate FreeCASE as a module in my website, so that I work on
say a *project cost estimation*, upload it to the site so that others in my
group can share it -- possibly through secure access?

From the developer's viewpoint there could be a few questions:
1. Apart from learning first-hand a lot of new/relevant technologies (things
I am looking for) what are the advantages for a developer to work with

2. Will FreeCASE be offered as a licensing opportunity in future as other
companies might incorporate it with their portfolio of products? How will
the developers in general benefit from it?

Some of these questions might sound like a quintessential newbie, but again
please tell me what you'll think. Based on your feedback we can set this up
along with other questions as a boilerplate FAQ.