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(FC-Devel) Project direction (was lots of threads)

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From: "J. Shan Bell" <bellj@mikado.soho.enteract.com>
Date: Wed,  9 Feb 2000 23:17:17 -0600
To: freecase-devel@seul.org
Subject: Project direction (was lots of threads)
Reply-To: bellj@sbecorp.com

 I agree with Jeff Duska that scope creep is probably an issue here.
But I don't agree that we should turn our attention to Argo or Dia and
improve them. FreeCase is in the position to address needs that aren't
being addressed elsewhere. In my mind robust support for collaborative
design and real support for patterns come to mind.

Perhaps having a distributed architecture is not the best idea for a
first pass. I agree with Arjan that a strong foundation should be
laid. I see this as being important for the overall design. But if we
implemented a common repository based on CVS (or the like) versus
CORBA, are we really shooting ourselves in the foot?


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