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RE: (FC-Devel) Project direction (was lots of threads)

Actually, could we get wrappers around other things,
like DIA?  we could then focus on the interface issues
and integration, and not on problems like graph tool design,

Matt Zeits
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Subject: RE: (FC-Devel) Project direction (was lots of threads)

Does it make sense to place a CORBA layer over CVS for the initial pass?
This way we get versioning while still coding to the interface so that
could switch CVS to something else if it makes sense.



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>  I agree with Jeff Duska that scope creep is probably an issue here.
> But I don't agree that we should turn our attention to Argo or Dia and
> improve them. FreeCase is in the position to address needs that aren't
> being addressed elsewhere. In my mind robust support for collaborative
> design and real support for patterns come to mind.
> Perhaps having a distributed architecture is not the best idea for a
> first pass. I agree with Arjan that a strong foundation should be
> laid. I see this as being important for the overall design. But if we
> implemented a common repository based on CVS (or the like) versus
> CORBA, are we really shooting ourselves in the foot?
> Shan
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