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Re: (FC-Devel) FreeCase (fwd)

Lindsay F. Marshall wrote:
> Agreed. Plus an agreed-upon scripting language. I don't care
> which one as long as it's Perl. Stop. Forget that. I couldn't
> help myself. Let me refrase: I don't care which one as long as
> it's an accepted one with lots of code-examples, libraries and
> frameworks.

Can I just say that I dont care which one it is so long as it is *NOT*
Perl, or if there must be Perl support that there should be support for
lots of other systems.

I agree, although I love perl.  Maybe we could go for Scheme(GUILE) as thescripting language, or provide hooks for any language.  Lisp(Scheme's older brother) seems to work well in emacs, so why not use Scheme as a natural next step.

Just grinding my axe....


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