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Re: (FC-Devel) FreeCase (fwd)

Welcome Lindsay Marshall !
Hi all,

Lindsay F. Marshall wrote:
> > Agreed. Plus an agreed-upon scripting language. I don't care
> > which one as long as it's Perl. Stop. Forget that. I couldn't
> > help myself. Let me refrase: I don't care which one as long as
> > it's an accepted one with lots of code-examples, libraries and
> > frameworks.
> Can I just say that I dont care which one it is so long as it is 
> *NOT* Perl, or if there must be Perl support that there should be
> support for lots of other systems.

Sure. As long as we specify all FreeCASE components to have a
well-documented interface, like Andrey V Khavryutchenko
allready said, FreeCASE will effectively support any scripting
language. In other words (Matthew A Zeits') "provide hooks for any

With impressive programming skills like yours 
(I really like Zircon) it will probably be no problem to 
include several nifty Tcl reportscripts in the distribution. 
There's also Scheme and Python support in the team.

Well, Scheme, Python, Perl and Tcl are all "accepted, with 
lots of code-examples, libraries and frameworks."
I just made a silly remark showing my personal 
preference for Perl. No religious language (or anything else)
wars here. Wanna know my favourite editor ;-)     ?  

The main point was and still is to specifically _exclude_ 
reporting issues from the core of the FreeCASE problem domain
(from an earlier posting):
>> ...reporting problems out of the FreeCASE core!... 
>> I'm not impressed by reporting facilities of the 
>> commercial CASE products I've seen. Furthermore: 
>> eventually one wants to present a model/sytem made
>> with the tool in a personal or team style.

Maybe stating the -now- obvious: We have a very real 
partitioning problem here. The project needs to be cut
into pieces that can seperately be built or taken
from somewhere else. Taking reporting out of the
big heap is an attempt to make the big heap smaller.

>> I'ld appreciate your opinion on this. 

I Still do. 

> Just grinding my axe....

No need.

BTW Lindsay: what do you think of CRC sessions over the internet? 
You did put _joint_ drawing into Zircon (Great! But I never found
anyone to draw with :-( Nasty thing, network economics.)

> http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Lindsay