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Re: (FC-Devel) Glossary

> You might want to take a look at new version
> of the FreeCASE glossary at
> http://www.xs4all.nl/~dannij/FreeCASE/glossary.html
> Thanks for all comments and suggestions. 
> BTW is the list working? 
> I haven't received all messages by mail.

I think the list is working, but we're going through a definite lull.  We need 
a way to jump-start development.  I understand that Argu/UML has been chosen 
for a basis, and this gives us a head-start, but we still need to divvy up the 
portions of FreeCASE so that we can start assigning developers to teams.

I volunteer for the open/save/save-as team, to organize writing FreeCASE data 
structures to output files, and reading such files back into FreeCASE.

Uche Ogbuji
Consulting Member, FourThought LLC
http://FourThought.com						http://OpenTechnology.org