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(FC-Devel) Project management


I have some unfortunate news.  I have had some changes in in
my professional and personal life recently that will require
me to step down as the manager of this project.  Basically,
I believe this project is extremely important and I cannot
devote the necessary time to keep it going.  I am very
pleased that I was successful at getting so many qualified
and interrested people together and started.  The project
has a stable mailing list and highly visible website.  We
have had hits from all over the world!  

I moved the website onto the SEUL computers today and the
new URL is http://www.freecase.seul.org.  The felgroup
server will redirect all requests for FreeCASE to that
machine, so there should not be any interruption of web

I know that this project can succeed.  I believe it needs a
leader that can devote more time to it than me.  I will
follow the project and contribute as my time allows, but I
don't think I'm going to be able to manage the project.

Thank you to all of you who have rallied to my side and
taken up this challange.  I will still try to help the
project as much as I can.  I believe I can help even more by
not having my time absorbed into management.

I will continue to perform management tasks until someone
steps up and volunteers to take over.  Hopefully, this will
not be a long time.

Warmest regards,
Jeff Wolfe