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(FC-Devel) Organisational status (& licence vote)

Hi all, in response to Jeff's request for suggestions on organisation, I think
the best way to go at the moment would be to have someone (may as well be you,
Jeff) organise us into teams based primarily on stated component preference.
Right now it looks like we need a bit of definition and structure to the
project, and I think the quickest way to get that would be to have somebody
draw up a list of teams and team members. I guess that none of us know each
other (modulo bio details), so it doesn't really matter who we start off
working with, as long as the team members want to work on similar things. We
can rearrange the teams and sort ourselves out better as we go.

And finally, my vote for licencing is for the GPL, with the proviso that we
also release comprehensive interface libraries under the LGPL.

Duane Griffin
Paradigm Technology Ltd
Phone +64 4 4951000