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(FC-Devel) AFL 8: arbitrary methodologies and diagrams

architecture + feature list part 8

> >* Support for arbitrary methodologies and diagrams (including
> > a minimally lossy transform between them) If I remember 
> > correctly, we may even be able to do this just using UML, 
> > doesn't it sort of become almost arbitrarily
> > extensible through the use of stereotypes and
> > supplementary features?

> You can customize UML to add meaning to the diagrams.  
> In fact, I published a conference paper on one way to do that.
> See my home page for the paper "Integrating Architecture 
> Description Languages with a Standard Design Method".
> Different graphical diagrams is a related issue.  
> I would rather see us focus on UML than try to spread
> ourselves too thin on UML, OMT, Booch, Fusion, etc.

Here, here! Applause. Or whatever. Serious, let's agree on that.
It's in Jeff's list but it doesn't hurt to emphasize it as a
core requirement.

> http://www.ics.uci.edu/~jrobbins