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(FC-Devel) AFL 9: email-integration

architecture + feature list part 9

> >* Integration with e-mail to provide facilities like
> > periodic automatically generated progress reports, 
> > notifications of changes to specific areas of
> > interest, links between messages/threads and 
> > documents (code, diagrams, etc) in revision control, etc.
> Interesting idea.  The only current way that Argo uses email is to
> send feedback to the authors of criticisms.  That way if you import a
> class for playing sounds into your model and you specify that you
> intend the app you are working on to run on PCs, UNIX, and Macs, you
> might see a message from the author saying that this particular
> reusable class does not work relably on the Mac.  You could then send
> email to the person who authored that criticism of that reusable class
> and ask them more about it.  This is currently stubbed out, I should
> finish it by integrating with the JavaMail library.