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(FC-Devel) AFL 10: Argo & the challenge of writing critics

architecture + feature list part 10
> >Yep, it certainly looks a good starting point, both in terms
> >of the concepts and the code. I especially like the critics, 
> >one of the people I was working with on another CASE tool 
> >project had a very similar idea, but we never even
> >got close to getting it off the ground. It sounds like you 
> >have some really interesting and innovative ideas that could
> >go a long way towards providing the added value that FreeCASE
> >could offer, as you mentioned above.
> Thanks.  I like the critics and I am glad that other people 
> like the idea.  One thing that I would love to see happen is
> for people other than me to start writing critics.  
> The framework is there and it is pretty simple, but can 
> people codify their ideas about good design in
> a way that helps others?