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Re: (FC-Devel) Cooperation between FreeCASE and Argo/UML

Jason Elliot Robbins wrote:

> Hi Sami and other FreeCASErs,
> What level of cooperation between FreeCASE and Argo/UML do you think
> is appropriate?

The goals are the same. We need to cooperate.
Java is the best choice to obtain a result within a limited time.
But C++ is required to achieve a good performance.

If we use the same architecture, with the same interfaces between
modules, Argo and FreeCASE can live together.
Then a slow module can be easily replaced  by a new one.

Argo could then be used as RAD and go forward.  FreeCASE would be
designed as a final and larger product.
A boot-strap can be made if a module of FreeCASE is used by Argo.

The first step is to freeze the interface specifications. Is this
possible ?
Anyway, it is the best (only) way to manage a large project.

Pierre Jarillon
Linux : Il y a moins bien mais c'est plus cher