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(FC-Devel) Merging Argo and FreeCase

Hi everybody,

Thanks Jason for this nice proposal. I think it's a good idea and that
we should merge projects.

Up to now, FreeCase has failed to provide any software artifact whereas
we have many valuable individuals. Giving the freecasers a real software
to improve will certainly be very positive for all of us.
* As Francois, Dean and Mamoun pointed out, the main idea is to share
packages based on standard interfaces (which means IDL - what else
possible ?). I have experienced problems with compiling the UML Core IDL
(does not compile with 192MB of RAM). We must be able to replace
components in a seamless way.
Jason, you're right :
* We have to agree on the license because FreeCase should stay
independent from any commercial organization. We had suggested that any
potential profits would be given charity organizations.
* Argo and FreeCase should keep their scope (multiuser, distributed
etc.) while sharing common components in common packages. We should have
one accountable individual for each package.

I suggest we go right in the merging process unless we get serious
objections. We could even go further with JUML and DIA.

	FreeCase Project Coordinator