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(FC-Devel) Merging Argo and FreeCase

Hi Sami, hi Jason, hi all,

Sami wrote:
> Thanks Jason for this nice proposal. I think it's a good idea and that
> we should merge projects.
> Jason, you're right :
> * We have to agree on the license because FreeCase should stay
> independent from any commercial organization. We had suggested that any
> potential profits would be given charity organizations.

Maybe there is no big problem here anymore: FreeCASE is GPL except for
that require a less restrictive license. Might Argo (or Argo+-) be
such a part? I like this GPL-unless construction.

> * Argo and FreeCase should keep their scope (multiuser, distributed
> etc.) while sharing common components in common packages. We should have
> one accountable individual for each package.

The goals (Jason's research programme vs. tools for the noosphere) 
are also different. As long as we respect the differences I can see
a lot of possible benefits of working together. 

> I suggest we go right in the merging process unless we get serious
> objections. We could even go further with JUML and DIA.

Do you mean J-UML as in http://www.vtt.fi/tte/papers/j-uml  ?
To quote Linus : "Nice idea, show me the code."

Next steps? The supersimplified specs for prototype 0.0.0 
(or 0.0.3) still need to be met, IMHO.

Have fun,