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Re: (FC-Devel) Delurk ;>

Richard Horton +44 181 624 6330/6217 wrote:
> I've been a subscriber for sometime now and just listened to what people have to say... anyway I am now interested (especially since i now have a PC at home that is finally up to the task) in taking an active part, albeit a small one at the moment due to work commitments.
> I am experienced in design using various methodologies but don't really have too much of a clue on the following :-
>         1) Where is the majority of effort currently needed?
>         2) What do i need to start being able to contribute?

  I can't really reply to your questions, but in a month or so I'll be
help. My students are doing some design for a freecase-like tool, I
them to compare their work to ArgoUML and a to a student project at
the University of Bordeaux. When the work is done I'll have to check,
integrate and translate from French to English 5 different designs (2
the object model, 2 for the dynamic model and 1 for the interface), I'll
also to check all this against the various works of the FreeCASE group.
be very pleased to get some help, since I too have very little time for
this work.


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