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[freehaven-dev] Red Rover

I spoke with Alan Brown from Red Rover (redrover.org) on the
phone today.  (I described this a bit before in point g of

He's interested in having a couple of people build it over the next
while. He's pretty flexible about design details and timing; he'd be
really psyched if I convinced Gerald to build this as his urop next term.

I left him with the task of coming up with a more detailed design
document. He hopes to have it done by the end of the month.

I tentatively scheduled an afternoon meeting for the first weekend of
January (7-8), where we can discuss what we want to work on, who will
be working on it, etc. I'll have sent out more information before then.

I also offered to move the redrover.org site (and services) over to
cran and belegost. We might be doing that down the road (he's not in a
position to do much with the current location).