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[freehaven-dev] re: chapters done -- moving forward options

> There have been a half dozen new subscribers in the past week or so.
> Please introduce yourselves, so we have a feel for who our audience
> still is.

Ok, I'm game.  Name is Mike Shinn.  I'll spare everyone the long life
history (if you are interested go here http://mike.shinn.net) In a former
life I was part of Cisco's Advanced Network Security Research Group,
amongst other things.

I'm a remailer operator (http://mixmaster.shinn.net) so my interests
naturally include free haven.  Interestingly enough, my colleagues and I
started tossing around a similiar idea to free haven back in September of

Well, thats enough about me.

> a) Figuring out the designs for coupling a Free Haven backend onto
> something like Freenet or Mojo Nation, to provide persistent storage
> for some items.
> b) Implementing the current Free Haven design. I recall a number of
> people were interested in this earlier, but they very conveniently
> disappeared after voicing their interest.

Is this described in the papers on the free haven website?
> c) Integrating strong anonymity into Freenet or Mojo Nation, and making
> sure they get the design right.

This might seem unimportant to the process of design, (and someone else
might have already said it) but I would suggest integrating strong
anonymity into Freenet simply because of the media attention it has
recieved.  Perhaps I'm assuming too much, but I would suspect the intent is
to get as many people as possible to use free haven.

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