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[freehaven-dev] Byzantine fault-tolerant NFS


Just noticed this paper by Barbara Liskov and Miguel Castro.
They are aiming at a different problem than we are (file system vs. 
secure storage), but this may still be worth comparing to our system. 

"Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance"

This paper describes a new replication algorithm that is able to tolerate
Byzantine faults. We believe that Byzantine-fault-tolerant algorithms will
be increasingly important in the future because malicious attacks and
software errors are increasingly common and can cause faulty nodes to
exhibit arbitrary behavior. Whereas previous algorithms assumed a
synchronous system or were too slow to be used in practice, the algorithm
described in this paper is practical: it works in asynchronous
environments like the Internet and incorporates several important
optimizations that improve the response time of previous algorithms by
more than an order of magnitude. We implemented a Byzantine-fault-tolerant
NFS service using our algorithm and measured its performance. The results
show that our service is only 3% slower than a standard unreplicated NFS.