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[freehaven-dev] Meeting Sunday 2pm

As usual. I'm going to declare that the room is 2-255 this time,
since this is where we seem to be going anyway.


1) More formal trust model. David and Michael have been working on this,
and hopefully have some questions for us or ideas to bounce around. This
will happen first since Michael wants to only be there for a brief time.

2) I want to argue some more about the process of adding nodes to the
servnet. I don't think our current idea is sufficient.

3) Todd will tell us what he's planning for the UIs, and we can get an
idea for how what we're doing will fit into how he envisions things (and
vice versa).

4) Paperwork and proposals. They're due sometime soon for most of you.

5) Other stuff I haven't thought of yet

I don't intend for this to be a long meeting. 1-3 hours ought to cover it,
preferably closer to the 1 side.