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[freehaven-dev] look ma, real code!

there isn't a whole lot there, but it's taking shape.

There's a mailing list for receiving cvs commit messages. Mail
majordomo@seul.org with body 'subscribe freehaven-cvs' if you
want to be in, else read the archives every so often.

CVSROOT lives at /home/freehaven/cvsroot/ on belegost.
If you want to checkout externally, set CVSROOT to
and set CVS_RSH to ssh
and you should be set.

Here's a brief overview of the cvs tree:

* src (will be pretty sparse, maybe with a toplevel Makefile)
  * haven (all the stuff to build the haven process)
  * comm (all the stuff to build the comm process)
* doc (i've got my proposal.tex in there)
* tools (all the external cgi plus stuff i haven't realized yet)

You should all be able to ssh in to belegost, let me know if you