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[freehaven-dev] Free Haven meeting: this Sunday!

Hey everybody,

As a reminder, we're going to have a Free Haven meeting this coming weekend:

	Sunday, February 25, 2:00pm 
	MIT Room 2-255

We have a lot to discuss:  what we want to do with the current project, how
we want to change the design, what we want to implement and deploy, and so
on.  We've been talking quite a bit recently behind the scenes and with
other projects (NymIP, Publius, Mojo Nation, Freenet especially), and have
a number of thoughts in terms of what we currently need to do.   I'll also
give a brief report of the O'Reilly conference last week.

Some major topics of discussion will be naming and routing designs that
provide scalable approached to peer-to-peer technologies, the
design/deployment of a functional, free, simple datagram mix-net;  and
simulations of (transative) reputation systems.   

Again, please email me if you are planning on coming or continue to be

See everybody then, 

"Not all those who wander are lost."                  mfreed@mit.edu