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[freehaven-dev] Partial agenda for Sunday meeting


* Free Haven redesign
  sparse topology -> actually make it scale? can we simplify to gain
    a chance in hell of actually making it work? Mike may take this as
    his thesis project. There's a lot to be said here.

* Gerald / simple low-latency mixnet
  Brian may have a partial list of topics/issues/goals to consider
  What we want: a well-written infrastructure that's easy to understand,
    easy to extend, easy to deploy and test extensions and features on.
  Should it be all-purpose or can we specialize it to work for only 
    certain services/networks? (Eg, all mojo nation participants run a
    node, and you can only get to mojo nation participants.)
  Can we use onion routing or crowds? If not why not?
  Gerald will lead the implementation of this. It should include good
    code and a good package that makes it easy to install and 'sign up'.
    Anything else it should include?

* Red rover
  Greenie is hoping to have a thesis topic based on red rover, steg, or
    something similar.
  cDc's oxblood is working on something related? Alan needs to give me

* IEEE Internet Computing submission
  Paper on anonymity types?
  Paper on resource depletion defenses?
  Paper on mojo nation download striping?

* Mix-acc paper
  Who wants to do what, where to go, etc. I still need to answer the
    reviewer's comments before the meeting.

* New directions?
  Anybody have anything else they're working on that they need help