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"Defining anonymity"
I'm guessing we probably won't have anything, but a thought...

depending prehaps on talks at WShAnon...


Papers to program committee
September 6, 2000

Adam Shostack wrote:
> http://www.cerias.purdue.edu/SREIS.html
> Call for Papers Symposium on Requirements Engineering
> for Information Security
> November 15-17, 2000 - West Lafayette, Indiana
>     Sponsored By:
>     Purdue University CERIAS
>     In Cooperation With:
>     NCSU E-commerce Program
>     ACMSIGSOFT (pending)
>     ACMSIGSAC (pending)
>Security requirements for new electronic
>commerce and Internet applications exceed the
>traditional requirements for network
>security and traditional software systems. Security
>requirements are more complex and
>increasingly critical. Informally stated and de facto
>requirements are often of critical
>importance in the design and operation of these systems, but
>they are frequently not taken into account.
>The symposium is intended to provide
>researchers and practitioners from various disciplines with
>a highly interactive forum to discuss
>security and privacy-related requirements. Specifically, we
>encourage those in the fields of
>requirements engineering, software engineering, information
>systems, information and network security
>as well as trusted systems to present their approaches
>to analyzing, specifying and testing
>requirements to increase the level of security provided to
>users interacting with pervasive commerce,
>research and government systems.
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