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[freehaven-dev] Questions to Ask Next ?

I would like to include a section in the Free Haven paper for the workshop
on the "questions to ask next" - the directions which we can go from here
towards a better understanding of anonymous systems. 

I'm going to post some questions I think of to the list. Everyone reading
is welcome to post their own, or comment on what is posted. 

My personal feeling is that most questions will end up being of the form
"how do we ask X," or "what do we need to know in order to ask X." This is
because anonymous systems seem to be "new" enough and scattered enough
that there is not much coherent terminology or theory. This means that
trying to answer some natural questions directly will lead to people
becoming confused over their different intuitions about some point or
another. But that's OK, since that's how we figure out where the
foundations are.