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[freehaven-dev] question "anonymous publishing vs. anonymous storage"

Question :
Is there a difference between anonymous publishing and anonymous storage?

Motivation :
At various points during the semester, we would informally contrast Free
Haven with Freenet by saying "they do anonymous publication, and we do
anonymous storage." OK. I believe it. What does that mean? 
How much of a difference does it make?

Problem with the question to address :

* Needs a definition of "publishing" and "storage"
* It's not clear whether the question asks about the differences in
requirements or the differences in current methods/implementation. 

In the real world, storing some text in a locker is very different from
publishing it via postering an entire building. Both methods, however,
should preserve "integrity," and so this becomes a shared requirement. 

Where to Go :

What is the relationship between this question and "what is the difference
between publishing and storage?" 
Has anyone prevously contrasted publishing and storage?
(it seems like someone must).
Do differences between publishing and storage make one harder to 
render anonymous than the other?