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[freehaven-dev] Internet Healthcare "Privacy" startup

If anybody is interested in looking into what these people call
"protecting internet security," here's another Anne Hunter mail.
I checked the site out - I figured out basically nothing about
what they actually consider "privacy" and how they go about doing
this (it sounds like - you are telling us, not them.  We are
trustworthy, not them, thus you are private.  Sounds doubly-blind 
to me, no?  Errr....right.)

But anyway, thought I'd just fill you inboxes with news about 
another (slighty shady) startup.


------- Forwarded Message
From: Anne Hunter <anneh@altoids.MIT.EDU>
To: jobslist@altoids.mit.edu
Subject: SW Developers for Local Startup, ChoosingHealth.com
Reply-To: anneh@eecs.mit.edu

Join us and help Internet users take back their privacy.

Our mission is to create a service that lets users create, maintain and
control their own online profile, rather than submitting themselves to
inaccurate and uncontrollable profiling by corporate and government
interests.  Our service protects the privacy of our members as they request
and receive health care information and services, and allows them to
communicate with each other about health care specific issues without having
their web behavior tracked.

Our culture and strategy are oriented around turning the traditional
marketing rules upside down by giving healthcare consumers complete control
over the amount of personal information they supply and the information they
receive. Our strongest affiliations are with patient privacy and advocacy

Our membership will initially be patients with the greatest need to get
information and the greatest pain associated with loss of privacy. We expect
our earliest members will be people with AIDS/HIV, breast cancer, and teens
with a variety of health concerns; people for whom loss of privacy could
result in job discrimination, loss of insurance coverage, or serious
personal embarrassment.

We are a for-profit corporation with a solid and experienced management team
and are currently in the process of pulling together our first round of
funding.  Our business model involves deriving fees from health care
corporations for the opportunity to send useful content to our members and
enabling patients to enroll for relevant clinical trials.  For members and
non-profit organizations, communication and submission of communications for
members is free.

We have developed our initial service and now need to rapidly grow our
online services in order to continue to create a service that meets the
needs of our members.

We need enthusiastic developers who can make this happen.


Linux, Apache, Perl, SQL, some organizational skills, a willingness to learn
on the job, and a genuine enthusiasm for helping make the Internet safe for
people with health concerns.  Part time involvement is welcome!

If you find this opportunity interesting, please drop me a line.


Lars Erickson

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