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Re: [freehaven-dev] Internet Healthcare "Privacy" startup

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Michael J Freedman wrote:

> this (it sounds like - you are telling us, not them.  We are
> trustworthy, not them, thus you are private.  Sounds doubly-blind 
> to me, no?  Errr....right.)

Thanks. Sounds in the same category as Disappearing, Inc. -- not a bad
idea, but has a little problem with that trusted third party...

You'd think that people would have learned from the anon.penet.fi
disaster. Then again, a friend of mine is doing something exactly like
this for a business school / CS class project, but with a different 
aim : he's trying to keep your mailing address safe from the amazon.coms
of the world. 

In other unrelated news, my AES 3 CD just came in the mail. So we have
source code for RC6 if we want it. :-)