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[freehaven-dev] possible related work from crypto '87

How to Make Replicated Data Secure (1987)   (Correct)   (18 citations)
                    Maurice P. Herlihy and J. D. Tygar August 1987

Abstract: Many distributed systems manage some form of long-lived data,
such as files or data bases. The performance and fault-tolerance of such
systems may be enhanced if the repositories for the data are physically
distributed. Nevertheless, distribution makes security more difficult,
since it
may be difficult to ensure that each repository is physically secure,
particularly if the number of repositories is large. This paper proposes
new techniques for ensuring the security of long-lived, physically
distributed data. These techniques adapt replication protocols for
fault-tolerance to the more demanding requirements of security. For a
given threshold value, one set of protocols ensures that an adversary
cannot ascertain the state of a data object by observing the contents of
fewer than a threshold of servers.