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[freehaven-dev] list of anon channel papers; bibtex file?


Here's a list of the anon channel papers and projects we seem to need.
Please yell if I forgot anything. 
I was also thinking -- should we make a common BibTeX file for this
project? We all seem to be citing the same stuff all the time...

* Chaum's 1981 paper
* Chaum's DC-net paper
* Pfitzmann's ISDN MIX paper
* Pfitzmann-Waidner Dining Crypto in the Disco
* Dogan Kesdogan SG-MIXes
* Dogan Kesdogan "Variable Implicit Addresses" 
* Hannes Federrath  Web MIXes
* Helsingus anon.penet.fi
* Finney et al Cypherpunks Remailers
* Cottrell Mixmaster
* Goldberg/Wagner   TAZ/Rewebber
* Zero-Knowledge Systems
* Onion Routing
* Crowds
* Lucent's Proxymate (http://lpwa.com/)
* Proxomitron (http://members.tripod.com/Proxomitron/) 
* Anonymizer.com
* Jakobsson - "A Practical MIX"
* Yvo Desmedt - "How to Break a Practical MIX and Design a New One"
	(in this year's Eurocrypt)

* Killian?? - secure voting with a universally verifiable MIX
* Masayuki Abe -- "Universially Verifiable MIX With Verification Work 
		   Independent of the Number of MIX Servers"
		   from Eurocrypt '98

* there's a paper on the cypherpunks ftp site on "Protocols with 
  uneven levels of anonymity..." 

Ok, I can't think of any more...