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[freehaven-dev] meeting sunday 2pm

This is the last real meeting before we're done. (We may have one next
weekend, but either we'll be mostly done and the meeting will be about
The Future (perhaps defining anonymity), or we'll be in crunchtime and
won't have time to hang around talking.)

I propose that the meeting be about whatever we need to discuss that
hasn't been written up well yet and needs more group brainstorming.

This includes:

* attacks on the system, particularly on the infrastructure/documents
  (since Mike has the comm attacks well on their way? do they need help?
   Brian, do the trust attacks need help?)
* anything else other people want to talk through before they write up
  (please send us warning so we can think about it beforehand. this is
   your chance to massively accelerate your work on whatever area you're
   stuck on...)

those of you on freehaven-cvs have been noticing lots of things happening.
those of you not on freehaven-cvs probably haven't been noticing much
traffic. that's ok; we're doing stuff. don't worry. :)

soon i'm going to start posting to this list pointers to finished chapters,
and hopefully all the people who've been lurking will suddenly
have free time and be interested in proofing some of them. (that would
be really neat. thanks.)

as a final note, you guys remember how we concluded that freenet and
gnutella have 2/15 of the anonymity requirements? i looked more closely
at their protocols last night, and i've now refined that to 0/15 for
each of them.
poor things.