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[freehaven-dev] todo for tuesday morning

Ok, so the plan is to DHL drafts to Rivest in Belgium. I will do this
via Be (his secretary) on Tuesday morning. This means that you need to
have a ps file for me by Tuesday morning (I want it by 9am or 10am or
something. I'll have more details later).

Todo for Tuesday:

  Design: all of it other than trust,comm,ui
  Impl: all of it other than trust,comm,ui
  Attacks: infrastructure and documents
  Related: publishing services

David: (in order)
  Notation for operations
  Related: comm
  Related: publishing services
  Modeling the system
  Defining anonymity

  Related: trust
  Design: trust
  Impl: trust
  Attacks: trust

  Design: UI
  Impl: UI
  Related: UI (?)

  Design: comm
  Impl: comm
  Related: comm
  Attacks: comm

Note that some todo's overlap by people. Coordinate with said person if
this is the case for you.

Note that these do not include "introduction, motivation, conclusion, etc"
for each of you. Feel free to swipe mine for each of these, modulo your
beliefs about intellectual property and stuff. Don't worry too much about
those parts for the Tuesday draft -- focus on the meat of your project.