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[freehaven-dev] trust system and cash

By the way, 

Is the explanation we have as to why we don't use a cash system enough?

We have a sentence in the intro which points out that no stable e-cash
exists, and so we can't use it. There's also the idea in the proposal
(since left out?) that we should be able to do what we want without real
$$ because we don't want to perpetrate existing power structures (or
something of that nature). 

It's not quite clear to me where we explain why we do not

	* create our own currency and e-cash to "pay" for 
	storage, which is independent of any real $$$ 
	(note a recent discussion on Freenet was toying with this
	idea, using David Wagner's proposal for e-cash)


	* use (non-parallelizable) hashcash to make storing stuff
	artificially "expensive"

and instead use our current trust structure. Am I overlooking something? 
I noticed that Publius handwaves about both of these solutions as being
the answer to the "where are the servers going to come from?" and
"flooding" problems -- maybe we should spend a little time on examining