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[freehaven-dev] garlic routing related idea in the babel paper

Hey guys, 

From p.6 of the Babel paper (seehttp://www.isi.edu/~gts/paps/guts96.ps.gz )

"Another piece of iformation visible to a mix is the identity of the next
	[presents a method by which nodes always post the outgoing
	message to usenet or broadcast to all mixes]
A more practical, but commensurately scaled down, variation is to give
the sender an option to include multiple mix addresses in each layer. This
way, an intermediate mix forwards an outbound message to several next-hop
mixes and remains uncertain with respect to the identity of the actual
next hop."

Compare to garlic routing, which would pick one of the next mixes at
random and then send to that. Same packet structure, two different uses
for it.