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[freehaven-dev] reason for trading

Is this reason for trading totally bogus?


\item[To accomodate ethical concerns of server operators:] Frequent
trading makes it easy and unsuspicious for server operators to trade away
a particular piece of data with which they do not wish to be associated.
If the RIAA distributes a list of contraband documents, server operators
can use the hash of the public key in each share to check whether that
document is in the list, then trade away the share without compromising
their reputation as a server or the availability of the document. In a
non-dynamic environment, the server would suffer a reputation hit if it
chose not to keep the document.
% I'm not completely persuaded by the argument above. If I think
% material is evil, I would not be satisfied if I assured its
% continued existence on a different server. On the other hand, if I
% merely find it embarrassing, I would invoke my "ISP exemption" or
% common carrier status. -AO
%i fixed it a bit. does this make more sense? -rd