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Re: [freehaven-dev] reason for trading

I think it's reasonable and use a different example than david's.
say I approve of the data, and want it to exist in the system, but
the riaa releases that list of contrabanded documents.
now, in *theory* I should be able to claim the isp clause, or whathave
you and be safe, but what if I don't want to play aclu-poster-child?
what if I have reasonable suspicion that some sort of feeral agent
will be knocking on my door soon, whether or not I'm right, it's sort
of appealing to be able to trade away the perticularly bad
shares. (sort of playing the shell game)

I sort of envision a system where people feel comfordable running a
node, because they feel like they can relitively easily remove things
they're uncomfordable with. I further envision that as freehaven
becomes more popular this requires more and more time to do. And that
it's impossible to do wholly as not all data will be publicly
decryptable, and some may even be able to be descrypted both
ways. basicly I'm hoping to sucker people into running freehaven
nodes, and then converting them...