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[freehaven-dev] chapters done -- moving forward options

Ok. So the chapters are done. You can get them at
http://freehaven.net/doc/oreilly/freehaven_2.ps -- 22 pages
http://freehaven.net/doc/oreilly/accountability.txt -- 51ish pages
(They await polishing from the O'Reilly copyeditor army. But that's ok.)

There have been a half dozen new subscribers in the past week or so.
Please introduce yourselves, so we have a feel for who our audience
still is.

We've got several options now for moving forward. It depends what we
want to work on.

a) Figuring out the designs for coupling a Free Haven backend onto
something like Freenet or Mojo Nation, to provide persistent storage
for some items.

b) Implementing the current Free Haven design. I recall a number of
people were interested in this earlier, but they very conveniently
disappeared after voicing their interest.

c) Integrating strong anonymity into Freenet or Mojo Nation, and making
sure they get the design right.

d) Writing clearer technical docs for Mojo Nation. They could really
use it, and I think they've got some really neat ideas.

e) Updating the website. We've got a lot of documents in txt or ps that
could really use being htmlified for easier reading.

f) Information Hiding Conference. An abstract is due Dec 7ish, for
this Pittsburgh conference. We had originally been pondering a better
formalization of anonymity as a nice topic for this paper, but the
deadline is perhaps a bit close for that.
I'll post more about this topic in a bit.

g) Working on Red Rover. Red Rover is a project started by Alan Brown
of dfn.org to provide a low-tech solution to getting newsletters, etc,
into heavily firewalled places like China. I'll post more about it in
a few weeks once it becomes more public. But I've been speaking with
Alan about collaborating with him to provide technical/crypto clue.

h) Working out the details of the 'xor pads' proposal, based on my
previous posts and David Madore's sketch. A good bit of this would be
contacting the fellow from the Dutch Data Authority and trying to get a
sense of the legal details -- hopefully something beyond "gosh, try it
in court". I think my earlier comment about layering this procedure over
current systems is a really interesting one. We might consider making
a couple perl scripts to actually *do* it with Freenet or Mojo Nation.

Anyway, please let me know which of these interest you. Along with
that, let me know how much energy you have to put into the ones that
interest you. :) Start it as a separate thread if your post is actually
contributing something towards solving the problem, so this thread
doesn't get too jumbled.

This way we can get a better sense of where we want to move forward.