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[freehaven-dev] Free Haven UROPs: new blood

So in this discussion of the future, Roger, David, and I have also been
talking about getting more young MIT blood involved.  Namely, we have a
bunch of topics here, some are theoretical, some less so.

We can take topics -- especially those less so -- and shape some pretty
cool UROPs out of them.  Heck, it's how I got involved.  I'm especially
thinking about practical implementation projects:  start building
FreeHaven, start making generic mix-net simulators, start hacking
attacks against systems such as Freenet.  Is this whole "caching" idea
sufficient to prevent flooding attacks?

Largely, the technical depth will be based on students' abilitys and
interests.  I'm a TA for 6.033 next term (Computer Systems Engineering).
This is taught by Prof. Frans Kaashoek, one of authors of nym.alias.net
and one of head of PDOS group - exactly the type of distributed systems
that these fall under.  Classes like 6.033 and 6.857 are great
introductions to this field.

Upon returning in January, I hope to make some arrangements with
professors about UROPs, and send mail through Anne Hunter and have
an introductory meeting for new and old Free Haven people alike.

More to follow when I return to the States in a month, but just wanted
to mention as this time,


"Not all those who wander are lost."                  mfreed@mit.edu