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Re: [freehaven-dev] Introduction..

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, seph wrote:

> > I haven't read all of the material fully yet, so forgive me if this has
> > already been discussed; Although the cause of this project is a noble
> > one, I think that it has implications for software and music piracy that
> > will anger some influential people a lot more than contentious
> > documents.
> I know we discussed it during some of the old weekly meeings, I don't
> know what made it into writing though.

Most of that would be in Roger's thesis, which is at 

I think Roger and Seph have summarised it pretty well here, but you can
look in there for the details. 

> more importantly, there already exists plenty of technology for warez
> and music piracy. It's trivial to anonymously open an account online
> somewhere like yahoo, that will provide a chunk of publically
> acessable web space. I don't really see why freehaven will be any more
> benificial to such people.

This is slightly undercut by the fact that we're looking for a better,
more reliable way to do things. Not by much, though, since we place
efficiency lower than providing anonymity...