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Re: [freehaven-dev] Introduction..

> I haven't read all of the material fully yet, so forgive me if this has
> already been discussed; Although the cause of this project is a noble
> one, I think that it has implications for software and music piracy that
> will anger some influential people a lot more than contentious
> documents.

I know we discussed it during some of the old weekly meeings, I don't
know what made it into writing though.

It has some implications for software and music piracy, but I don't
think any of major import. consider the following points...

to upload 1 gig of your favorite warez, you have to also provide a gig
of space. sure it gets distributed, but it wouldn't be free.

more importantly, there already exists plenty of technology for warez
and music piracy. It's trivial to anonymously open an account online
somewhere like yahoo, that will provide a chunk of publically
acessable web space. I don't really see why freehaven will be any more
benificial to such people.

I think we concluded "they can already do that" "if they use
freehaven, cool. it's not our place to make that sort of descion" you
point was that influencial people might care. influencial people don't
have technical background, it doesn't matter what we do. they'll spin
freehaven as good or bad, depending on how we present it, and god
knows what else...