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Re: [freehaven-dev] Introduction..

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 05:52:26PM -0500, seph wrote:
> to upload 1 gig of your favorite warez, you have to also provide a gig
> of space. sure it gets distributed, but it wouldn't be free.

Actually, it's 'proportional', not 'identical'. Since you split the
document up into shares, you might actually get only 10M or 100M of
storage out of providing 1G. (You get to decide what proportion you
get -- by picking k and n.)
> more importantly, there already exists plenty of technology for warez
> and music piracy. It's trivial to anonymously open an account online
> somewhere like yahoo, that will provide a chunk of publically
> acessable web space. I don't really see why freehaven will be any more
> benificial to such people.

The main argument so far is:
There are many ways of sharing warez/mp3's. Free Haven is not going to
be a very convenient or useful way compared to others like Freenet. In
particular, the user interface will probably suck, and the latency is
literally a couple hours or a couple days. This is not a service which is
amenable to commercial development, or use by people who don't 'really'
need the anonymity protection.